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Southeastern University Sends Their Best
Posted on September 27, 2013

Southeastern University is just down the road from The Vanguard Room. We have been proud to partner with them on the SEU worship albums, which are written and performed completely by SEU students and their worship leader Chase Wagner. It's always great to have their energy here in the studio. We have seen some incredible young talent come through. The school does a great job putting the students in a position to grow in real studios and big stages with great leadership. For this most recent EP, they asked Aaron Marsh to take the reigns as producer on 4 beautiful worship songs.

It's out now! Get it on iTunes and Amazon.

SEU Worship: Website | Facebook | Twitter

In Progress: Valise
Posted on August 15, 2013

Valise has been back at The Vanguard Room working on their indie-rock masterpiece with producer Matt Wilbur.  We always love having the guys here, and this debut full length is sounding great. We can't wait for everyone to hear it.

Valise: Website | Facebook | Twitter

Posted on August 04, 2013

One of our favorite records of the last few years has to be Valaska's "Natural Habitat". It was produced and mixed by Aaron Marsh. Fans of Elliot Smith, Bright Eyes, and Coconut Records will fall in love with this downtrodden singer/songwriter. Also, Dave is hitting the road with a full band so go see them and snag a hard copy with beautiful artwork by Lakeland's own Tony Corbitt. Get it on iTunes or Amazon.

Valaska: Website | Facebook | Twitter

Mountain Sounds
Posted on July 12, 2013

Longtime friends and Lakeland music scene alumni, Franc Castillejos and Tim Hoyt, recently teamed up under the moniker Mountain Sounds to record a new collection of songs. The self-produced and self-titled full length album was recorded in Castillejos's rural mountain home in Guatemala, then sent to The Vanguard Room to be mixed by Matt Wilbur.  The end product is a nuanced masterclass in songwriting and minimalist production, and one of The Vanguard Room's most unique mixes.  This is one not to be missed. Pick it up on iTunes or Amazon.

Mountain Sounds: Website | Facebook | Twitter

South Florida Represent
Posted on May 02, 2013

Producer Matt Wilbur has been dipping his artistic toes in something a bit more tropical, recording new music with some of South Florida's finest indie rock.

Kids debut "Sink Or Swim" EP is a pop charmer with big hooks, loud guitars, and enough sass and quirk to fill (and inevitably sink) a house-boat. The 6-song ep, produced and mixed by Matt Wilbur is on iTunes and Amazon now.

Corey Bost's gritty "Kingdom" EP is full of wounded, intensely personal lyrics and raw performances. It was produced and mixed by Matt Wilbur. Grab it on iTunes or Amazon.

Kids: Website | Facebook | Twitter
Corey Bost: Website | Facebook | Twitter

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